No matter the reason for your cleaning everyone should get a window cleaning for their home every 6 to 12 months to ensure their windows stay clean not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also ensure the windows stays in good condition to avoid expensive and costly repairs down the road. Broken, scratched, calcified glass can all be avoided by a simple cleaning every six months.


Quote from Realtor

“I’m one the top realtors in the valley and I can personally say that I’ve seen many deals go sour because of the smallest details. A broken window , old oil spills in the driveway.  Clean windows are essential for an A+ showing without a doubt”



Getting a window cleaning quote for your home takes less then a minute using our quote generator!


Reasons to get the windows clean:

You take pride in a clean house

Your selling your home

Your having guests over

You want to impress your spouse

You want to impress your mother in law


Birthday Parties


Acceptable forms of payment:

Cool Icons of visa, mastercard, cash, check, bitcoin



 Keeping the windows clean for your place of business is a no brainer. Streak Patrol offers window cleaning on a schedule so you never have worry about it! We clean all commercial spaces after business hours so neither employees or customers are present.  Window cleaning for a business/ commercial space should always be on a schedule and based on your preference, streak patrol offers deep discounts for frequent visits.


Suggested schedules for businesses:


Restaurants: Weekly/ Biweekly

Store fronts: Bi Weekly

Office space: Monthly

Shopping plazas: Monthly

Malls and large plazas: Quartely




Quote from restaurant owner:

“Any restaurant worth its value must get the windows clean on a regular basis. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it conveys a message to our customers that we care about all the details. A restaurant could have the best food in the country but if the kitchen or front of house isn’t clean it’s meaningless. Dirty windows equals dirty kitchen, it’s all about perception.”


Yelp Study:


A study from yelp, a popular business review website (which streak patrol happens to have 5 stars in) showed that cleanliness was the 3rd most yelped about topic amongst businesses only behind service and atmosphere.


For a quote for your business click here and give us a few details and we will have a patroller out to your business with 24 hours! Otherwise save sometime and drop us a line to schedule.




Intro: Any building that is 4 stories or higher would be considered a mid to highrise building, we do that too! Streak Patrol is the only highrise window cleaner in Arizona certified by the IWCA or International Window Cleaning Association ( Yes that is a thing). Many cleaners might claim to have this certification but it is simply false. A simple search on the IWCA database shows that in Arizona there are only two members, Streak Patrol and one other company. The other company however does not do highrise cleaning. 


The reason this is so important is that yes while it is true, anybody with the equipment could hang off the side of a building, Streak Patrol is the only company that has passed the IWCA training and safety course and became officially certified in the entire state of Arizona! Not a one other cleaner can say that.


Even though highrise cleaning is much larger and more technical then your average home, the exact same level of customer service is always delivered. We still offer deep discounts for more frequent visits offer a two week rain guarantee.


Suggested Schedule for Highrise:


Multi Dwelling Apartments or Condominiums: Quartely/ Every Six months


Office Buildings: Every Six Months to a Year


Any property manager looking to schedule for the apartment of Condomium complex would be happy to know that streak patrol is the only window cleaner that’s a member of the AMA. We also offer special services to said property managers that aren’t offered to any other type of highrise buildings. Beacause these buildings are occupied by people that call the building their home we want to treat it as such.


    Property Managers that work with streak patrol for their semi annual or annual cleaning of their buildings will also get the number to Streak Patrol’s “clean window hotline”. That means that if for example you have a tenant that moves out and makes a mess of the interior windows, streak patrol will come out to clean said windows anytime for FREE! This is a part of our service agreement and we’re happy to provide that service to show how much we appreciate your business.